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link-loveThis site has always been a place where I previewed the WordPress Beach House them and provided news about updates that are made to the theme. As you can see the posts on this site are few and far between which isn’t so bad but I would really like to see this site used for something and up until now I did not know what that was.

See one of my favorite past times with this site is to see how people are using the theme for their individual sites. There are people that use the theme right out of the box (or zip file 😉 ) and then there are those that modify it to their liking. I am all for modifications for the theme and have even provided the Photoshop file for people to use to do so. Regardless of whether people keep the vanilla version of the theme or do heavy mods to it one thing they all seem to do is leave the links in the footer that link back to this site. In the Blogosphere we like to call that link love and I am very thankful for the love that I have been receiving.

Now it is time to give back.

What I am going to be doing is checking my stats and Google to see which sites out there are using the Beach House theme and still linking back to me and do a little writeup here on the site about there site. While I would love to link to everyone there are a few guidelines that I am going to follow for quality sake and to keep things PG around here. So here are the guidelines that I am looking to follow:

  1. The sites that have been using the theme the longest will get linked to first for their continued support
  2. Only sites that are active will get a post from me. You can tell a dead site when you see one (no circa 2007 posts about who will be President on the first page of the site).
  3. Non-PG will not be linked to. This theme and some of my other themes have become popular with certain industries that some might find objectionable. I do thank those sites for their support but for the sake of family friendliness…
  4. I will take requests for posts if you are using the theme but I do not guarantee that I will post on it. I really would like to see a site have the theme for at least 6 months so I know that it is really using it instead of getting some free advertisement.
  5. It is to my discretion as to how many of these posts that I will due. At the time of writing this I have 10 sites that I want to do posts on but after that who knows. No guarantees on how long this will last.

Along with doing the posts I have created a new category named “Link Love” that will be an archive of all the posts that are of users of the Beach House theme.

Again I say thank you to all those that are using the theme and hope that my little tribute to you pays off on more awareness of you website.

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