Beach House Theme – Missing Header Issue

I have gotten a couple of comments from people saying that the header is not showing up for them. This seems to happen only once in a while and I have not been able to recreate the issue myself to try and resolve it.

But, there is one person who wrote me and told me that deleting the functions.php file from the theme fixed their header issue.

Can someone who has this issue try this and tell me if it fixes it?


UPDATE 3/25/2009: I have found the problem with this issue and it has been resolved. If you download the 1.6 or later version of this you will no longer have this issue.

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3 Responses to “Beach House Theme – Missing Header Issue”

  1. Black Pepper says:

    Hi. Very cool theme. The top navigation bar doesn’t work well with Firefox though. Have you ever tested it with Firefox? When you mouse-over, the image gets misplaced.

  2. Deleting the functions.php file works for me. Thanks! It’s a great theme, I love the beach!

  3. Dan says:

    @ Black Pepper

    I would check your install of the theme as I cannot reproduce this issue and have not had anyone else report it.

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